Thursday, August 12, 2010

Update Your 9 to 5

I have a confession: I love stationary, pens, and any other form of personalized office supply. There. It's out. Now, let's shop for it!

My go to notepads at work aren't your average Mead notebooks. Instead I prefer Kate Spade. (Try to act surprised) These notepads fit in a purse, aren't super bulky and the neon colors keep me alert and perky.

Kate Spade, Small Notepad Set, $12

Filing can be a mundane task, especially if have a giant stack of papers staring at you; but with these girly and totally chic folders, your afternoon is looking up!

The Office Stylist, Sprial Design File Folders, $9.95

Let's face it, Bic pens are boring and so is the drawer you keep them in. So let's jazz it up. First the pen holder that I'm obsessed with:

The Office Stylist, Mirror Mirror Pen Cup, $14.95

And the pens

Barnes and Noble, Jonathan Adler Weight & Teal Green Metal Pen Set, $13.95

Now the mouse pad. Some people like the monogram, my bf used Zazzle to make me a custom mouse pad with my main squeeze, Sam dog on it; but another fun option is the notepad mouse pad. Need to make a quick note? Wanna write down a phone number for later? Try this Lilly Pulitzer note mouse pad:

Preppy Princess, Lilly Pulitzer Take Note Mouse pad, $15

I'm also a fan of decking out your cubicle so it's a place that you actually want to do work in. I used different ribbons and push pins to argyle some fun colors and patterns along the walls of my cube. And don't forget pictures! Instead of frames that collect dust, use colored construction paper and make your own to put up!

Just because you're in a 9-5 doesn't mean it has to look like it. Have some fun and personalize your office life!

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  1. Ok, I know I'm way behind...but can you please post a pic of your cube? I just added some Lilly to mine but would LOVE to add some argyle ribbon sass. Show me the way!!


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