Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last Days of the Flip Flop

I have a strict no flip flop rule that usually falls into place mid to late September. I don't care if it gets back up to 80 on a one day spike- it's fall people, lock it up, toes included. Now I don't have anything against flip flops (outside of the office) in fact they are a great way to showcase a fabulous pedicure. So in these last few weeks of summer lets embrace the flip and the flop as well as take advantage of the sales surrounding it before we have to suffer the eyesore that is the UGG.

J Crew, Jardin Metallic Capri Sandal, $39.99

Jack Rogers, Palm Beach Navajo, $96

Lands End, Solid Suede Flip Flop, $7.99

Amazon, Havainas Slim Animal Print, $23

Online Shoes, Born Linsey, $49.99

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