Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Lease Sign

Today is lease signing day. The bf and I are signing our names on one piece of paper that indicates that we will not only be forced to live and tolerate each other in a shared space but we also will share and divide everything from the Comcast bill to toilet paper. I'm pretty freaking excited actually. A new home, a new space with someone I truly care about and love- what could be better? I wish it was happening tomorrow and not in October.

Okay, maybe not, because as we all know moving is pretty much the king of unforeseen expenses. Moving is the "gotcha!" for bank accounts. You think you have all of your utility accounts sorted, your appliances ready to go, and your storage containers in place then HA! Oh yeah we charge a setup fee, or oh this is the one time charge, or where are we putting you collection of magazines? Yes. It is the worst game of 'you can run but you will never hide from the fee bandit!!!'

Anyway, all in all I think it is going to be fabulous. I have already started several Google Docs about things I need, things I need to donate and just things. I have bombarded the bf with 'do you like this....what about this?' emails; most of which I get back a 'remember there's a guy living with you' replies.

Either way I think today's focus will first be on the leasing agent impression outfit and then we'll do some room inspiration pics.

The lease outfit is what you where to a nice apartment viewing so the leasing agent:
a) thinks you make a lot of money and can totally afford this
b) sees you are a well respected lady who doesn't throw ragers
c) can compliment you on your outfit making you feel more comfortable when you have to ask the 'so there's a trash fee too?' question

Try to look charming, professional and approachable.

Modcloth, Nothing but blue skies dress, $47.99

J Crew, Knotty Pearls, $78

Payless, Montego Bay Stella Gladiator Sandal, $22.99

Banana Republic, Sparkle Bobby Pin, $12

Now some pics for the design/HGTV Star in me to begin to spill out!

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