Monday, August 23, 2010

Embrace Color

Anyone else feel like the blogosphere has a case of the Mondays today? How are we supposed to stretch our weekends just a few hours longer when our regular blogs offer nothing to wake us up? Maybe it's just me but I'm having a slow read day on my blogroll.

So let's brighten things up a little bit. It's supposed to be rainy for the most part in DC this week, so before we get our canoes ready (again) I want to soak up colors:

OPI polish in "And a Cherry on Top", $9 Modcloth, Bright Idea Dress, $109

OPI polish in "A Grape Fit", $9 Gap, Tweed vest $69.50, Slim crop pants $49.50

Essie polish, "Pink Glove Service", $10 Macy's, Military Double Breasted Jacket, $49

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