Thursday, January 14, 2016


Ok almost Friday, let's do this. If you're like me, at least one day a week is ponytail day. Your hair is a touch dirty, you're out of dry shampoo, you didn't blow dry it, it's ponytail day. Not all of us are fortunate to enjoy this luxury because our hair is too short for a ponytail. Enter the jeweled headband. A little bling that just distracting enough to pass off as gorgeous.

Anthropologie, Golden Pyramids Headband, $32
This hand beaded headband is beautiful not just for the colors but also for the shape. It's so different!

Forever 21, Faux Gemstone Headband, $7
A little princess but paired with the right outfit (read moto jacket) it's rocker chic.

Difference between a headband and a head wrap? A head wrap doesn't give you that behind the ears headache.

What a great color combination. Blues, silvers, perfect for winter.

Whether you enjoy a ponytail day or a headband day, style it right.

Be fabulous today!

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