Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fair Weather Isle

Just because the holidays are over doesn't mean you have to put away those holiday-ish prints and patterns. For instance, fair isle is a great holiday pattern that you can wear through the winter months instead of just in November and December. It's a busy print that usually uses some great colors, for that reason you can go lighter on the accessories and just throw on some jeans or a pencil skirt and go!

Lands End, Lofty Fair Isle Sweater, $59
This sweater needs a ski lodge. Since that's not happening I'm pairing it with a plaid button down with similar colors. 

I dare you to tell me that the phrase 'thermal pants' doesn't excite you. 

Old Navy, Fair Isle Sweater, $32
Talk about great colors. This sweater brings the punch with a great mix of the rainbow.

Comfy, cozy, perfect. 

A great fair isle doesn't have to break the bank. Especially with the after Christmas sales on right now, it's your time to scoop up one of these at a great price!

Be fabulous today!

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