Thursday, December 17, 2015

It's So Fluffy!

Sometimes I blog about trends, hot brands, and chic styles. Sometimes I just want to blog about real life things that I want to wear. Today it's the latter and it's a cozy sweater. That's it. Nothing breaking or game changing here, just a cozy sweater. I wanted something with texture that feels like a polar bear that just took some Motrin PM. Snuggly, warm, cozy.

Forever 21, Fuzzy Knit Sweater, $17
Don't you want to be in this right now? I know. So simple and cozy.

H&M, Knit Cardigan, $34
A nubby knit is perfect for winter. I'm doing double the texture and wearing a waffle knit tee underneath.

I dare you to get through the day wearing this and no one touches you. This is a omg let me hug you to get some fluffy sweater.

Break out the leggings, lovebugs. This sweater screams winter comfy.

For this post I channeled this. Sometimes you just want cozy, fluffy, comfy goodness.

Be fabulous today!

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