Monday, December 28, 2015

Fear of Feathers

Let's talk about trends you haven't been brave enough to try this year. It's the last week of 2015 and I'm in for truth telling. For me, it's feathers. I've had a difficult time picturing myself pulling off this trend without looking, well ridiculous. So today' I've picked out a couple of items that I think I could wear if I'm going to make this trend work for me.

Bloomingdale's, Lucy Paris Feather Trim Top, $88
I could totally pull this off for a party. It's funky and girly.

See? We can do this. Understated. 

Hello sassy. My goodness this is a statement maker.

Neiman Marcus Last Call, Design History Feather Fringe Knit Pullover, $75
With the right jewelry I would wear this to work. I think it's different and makes a statement.

What trends have you avoided this year? Anything you were nervous to try? Be brave!

Be fabulous today!

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