Thursday, October 1, 2015

Slip On Style

I loved the athletic chic trend we saw this summer and I'm looking forward to continuing it into the fall. Now that we are putting the sandals away, I tend to gravitate to more casual weekend shoes before it's boot season. This year, I'm all about the slip on sneaker. It's athletic, comfortable, and totally versatile.

Nordstrom, Steve Madden Ecentrcq, $59
Simple gray quilted leather will go with everything. 

Farfetch, Vans Slip On Sneakers, $83
These are tiny bears. How can you not love this? 

Black jeans, bf faded jeans, a long sleeve sweatshirt dress, this is a do it all sneaker.

I found polka dot ones, I needed to post them. I'm not sorry.

Slip on sneakers offer style and comfort for fall before it's tights and boots season. Embrace the athletic look with a print or style that works for you!

Be fabulous today!

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