Monday, February 23, 2015

Wake Me When it's Spring

Happy Monday lovebugs,
At this point in the grand scheme of winter, do you just want to give up? White flag raised Mother Nature, you win. It's this time of year when I search out cozy. Something warm, soft, but still put together. Today we're looking at a cocoon cardigan. It even sounds cozy.

Last Call Neiman Marcus, Knit Circle Cardigan Sweater, $56
Oh cozy. So warm and soft and this sale price? Don't mind if a do!

Currently 40% off, I am loving this pop of teal when I'm generally wearing a lot of black and grays in the winter. 

This sweater has some nice texture which usually means dry clean only, but would I do that to you? Heck no.

Speaking of texture, how about this beauty? This is chic and soft in so many ways.

Back in November, we looked at cocoon coats, but why not something to wrap yourself in all day long? These cocoon cardigans are functional, easy to layer, and machine washable.

Be fabulous today!

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