Wednesday, February 18, 2015

That Sale in the Window

Ok lovebugs, today we're looking at a trend that's gotten a whole lot of attention lately. I say lately because we've looked at this pattern back in June. The windowpane print. It's similar to a plaid but monochrome in color. The pattern can vary in size which is great to match proportion to your body type.

100% cotton and 100% fantastic. I love the balance of the black and light blue.

Starting simple? Try these sheer tights with a pencil skirt (of any color).

Old Navy, Pixie Pant in Windowpane, $17 (!!)
No, really, these pants at this price. Just go. Go now.

Lord and Taylor, Panacea Windowpane Cuff, $18
You thought this was just for clothing? Check out this great modern yet preppy windowpane cuff.

So there you have it. A lighter-feeling plaid print in the windowpane trend.

Be fabulous today!

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