Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wood You Mind?

Sometimes in life you need something solid to count on. This world is always changing and stress seems to pile up. What we need is something solid to rely on, something like wood. That's right. We're looking at wood today. No splinters, don't worry.

How unique is this bag? It's modern and just stunning with the gold accents.

Neiman Marcus, Kendra Scott Elle Earring, $65
These come off rustic but paired with a dress, you just made wood ladylike.

Anthropologie, Woodgrain Case, $38
There are plenty of wooden iPhone cases out there. I really like this 'wood' case because it's artistic with a chic twist.

Pink Mascara, Nature's Heart Necklace, $52
Wood doesn't alway have to be heavy. Look at this delicate and sweet charm. Perfect for the weekend.

Wood accessories are bold and unexpected. From necklaces to bags this material crosses all styles.

Be fabulous today!

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