Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pop Quiz, Bro

Pop vocabulary quiz. Brocade. What does it mean. [insert Jeopardy music here] Ok, time's up. Brocade come from the Italian broccato meaning "embossed cloth". It often uses silver and gold thread and packs the pattern punch. Now a pattern like brocade can sometimes be heavy, old fashioned, and not necessarily spring-weather ready. The way we can warm up this style is brighten the color, use metallics to our favor and, well, let's take a look.

The lime color here is perfectly citrus and lightens up the floral-inspired pattern.

J Crew Factory, Gilded Jacquard Top in Brocade, $79
The rounded hemline is the least awesome thing going on here and that's saying something. The cut, the color, you really can't beat this minty emerald canvas.

Modcloth, Debut Dramatist Dress, $54
Another way to lighten up this pattern is to mimic the pattern on a simple cotton maxi. This oversized pattern balances perfectly with the longer length.

BB Dakota, Joss Jacket, $30
A cute baseball jacket is perfect to layer on with a tee. Unclear why this model is giving us the stink eye.

Brocade is easy to wear in the winter month, Brighten up the colors and find light fabrics to wear it in the warmer months.

Be fabulous today!

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