Monday, March 17, 2014

Rub You the Wrong Way

It's Monday, which is a huge bummer but it also ankle strap sandal day here on the blog, and if that doesn't blow your dress up, I don't know what to tell you.

The ankle strap style is a classic and one that you will see year round on a stiletto, a flat, or even a flatform. The key to a comfortable ankle strap is the width. You don't want it cutting off your circulation, but you also don't want it to rub. Look for a strap with a substantial width. This will give you a nice balance of style and comfort.

Victoria's Secret, Ankle Strap Mid Heel Sandal, $78
Let's talk about this sandal for a moment. The color is one that can be paired with everything from white to cobalt (yes, cobalt), the mid heel height means its the perfect shoe for a wedding where you know you'll be dancing a lot. The kicker? Where these with a relaxed bf jean and a roomy top on Friday night. 

Hello. I mean. Wow. Nice wide lines on this shoe. And the color really does the talking.

Macy's, Tommy Hilfiger Olena, $79
Check out the quilted pattern on that wedge. Don't see that everyday. The two tone gold and camel are perfect for spring. with a flowy maxi dress.

This reminds me of a great piece of modern art. Sleek and sexy.

The ankle strap sandal is a great choice to add to your closet this season. You can wear them to work or to the 783 weddings you have to attend this year.

Be fabulous today!

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