Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Show Me Personality

Let's talk comfort. Now that the weather is (fingers crossed) getting just a little bit warmer every day, we don't have to break out the wool and the cashmere. In fact, we can have some fun while still being warm. Sweatshirts were a big trend this winter and they will continue to be this spring, but instead of bejeweled and quilted, let's get graphic and fun. These picks are casual cool and perfect for spring.

A great soft terry makes this top great for the weekend. Add on some statement earrings.

Charlotte Russe, Graphic Sweatshirt, $19
Bound to get some smiles in this sweatshirt. 

A great fitted sweatshirt that is a little preppy and a lot comfy.

Express, Graphic Sweatshirt, $39
This sweatshirt was made for me. I'd dress it up by layering it with a gingham button down underneath. Maybe even some pearls.

Graphic sweatshirts are a fun way to express your personality. These tops don't break the bank but they do make you crack a smile.

Be fabulous today!

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