Thursday, February 20, 2014

Doesn't Need Maple Syrup

The waffle knit is such a cozy option for sweater weather. The often thick sweater can be layered with a patterned oxford underneath or dressed up with some big neon bling. But alone, it's simple, classic and so easy to wear.

Anthropologie, Waffled Cowlneck, $59 now $29!
I love this cream sweater because you can pair it with those bold patterned skirts and pants or you can throw it on with jeans and walk out the door. It is so versatile.

Don't pass up this kind of deal. $11 for a bright splash of pink in a great, casual hoodie. Mix this with a navy blazer and jeans.

Forever 21, Easy Waffle Knit Sweater, $11 [sold out, but here is a fab coral option!]
Again with the steal price! This navy option is lightweight and ready for a statement necklace.

This green. Oh this green. It's so cool and easy. I also love the ribbed hem, makes it casual.

Waffle knit is an easy throw on sweater that can ooze effortlessness or add on a statement necklace and its a great canvas. 

Be fabulous today!

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