Thursday, February 6, 2014

Belt Beauty

Another great way to spruce up your sweater collection is to add on a fancy belt. Not your standard leather number I mean something pretty. Take a look at these pieces.

Anthropologie, Jeweled Scalloped Belt, $58
Detailed is an understatement here. This Anthro collaboration with Deepa Gurnani is very special. Deepa started as a beading designer for Alexander McQueen.

Add this to a cardigan or a LBD. Understated yet dressy.

Neiman Marcus, Three Row Beaded Belt, $19
These longer metallic beads add a little hipster Aztec to this belt. Yes, hipster Aztec is totally a thing.

On super sale right now, this belt is perfect for all four seasons. Throw this on a simple cotton dress in the summer and now with an open cardigan.

Belts as jewelry can add a special something to your outfit. I know its that time of year when we get a little tired of the sweater drawer. Spice it up with these belts!

Be fabulous today!

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