Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Opa's Accordion

I'm going to share a little family history today that will lead to one epic segue. I'm German so I have an Oma and Opa (gramma and grandpa). Whenever my family went to visit Oma and Opa in Buffalo we would have a delicious meal prepared by Oma and then we would retire to the living room where Opa would break out his accordion and my sister and I would dance around the room in circles. I remember this very clearly because the accordion has such a specific sound to it and that sound is created by a very unique squeezebox (yes that is the real term, look it up). So let's take a page from Opa and look at some beautiful accordion skirts.

American Apparel, Pleated Skirt, $52
I love the high waisted fit of this skirt because its a bit ballerina.

Last Call Neiman Marcus, Robbi & Nikki Faux Leather Pleated Skirt, $69
A beautiful navy with a contrasting waistband is professional while still perfect for twirling.

Modcloth, Cupcake Liner Skirt, $32
A great contrast skirt that is a great length for 9-5 with tights and some booties.

Madewell, Mini Houndstooth Skirt, $98
The patterned mini is so unusual with this type of pleat. In my opinion this skirt is basically a neutral to be paired with any other color like merlot or forest green

One of my favorite things about the accordion skirt is the movement. It's flouncy and girly but paired with the right top or motorcycle jacket you can make it edgy.

Be fabulous today!

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