Monday, January 27, 2014


It's freezing on the east coast. Like wear tights under your pants and then add the wool socks cold. When you walk outside it feels like you just got slapped across the face. You know what you need when it is this cold? Chunky knits. Lots of them. All of them. Get cozy.

Wallis, Cream Chunky Jumper, $49
A cozy cream will go perfectly with coated denim or a structured legging. I also love the big cowl neck.

A great pattern that has a lot of movement for those days when you want to do absolutely nothing.

Need Supply, Cowl Neck Sweater, $68
Oversized, drapey, thick and relaxed. Add some mulled wine and call it a night.

Dorothy Perkins, Blush Embellished Sweater, $21
A lovely knit with just the right amount of detail right by the face. No necklace needed.

When the temperature drops, its all about the chunky knit. Layer on an infinity scarf and find some comfy slippers

Be fabulous today!

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