Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'll Have the Scallops

Last week we looked at some great bling as one way to add interest to your outfit. Another way to dress up the wardrobe is to look for pieces that have a little extra detail. I'm talking about a sweater with embroidery, or a skirt with a nubby tweed. Something that makes the piece stand out from all the others. Something that makes it special. Today, I want to focus on scallops. Simple, quiet, and yet great impact.

A bright pop of yellow is perfect for now with plum tights and for later with a sleeveless white lacy blouse.

Kind of obsessed with this sweater. Like I almost bought it while writing this post. I love the touch of wool that makes it extra cozy, the variation on the stripe with these scalloped edges, and this cool mint color that is perfect with everything.

Free People, Scalloped Lace Skort, $78
Talk about details. The lace pattern here is feminine and delicate mixed with this deep emerald. I would wear this now with black tights and booties and later when my legs aren't so translucent. 

Bloomingdale's, Kate Spade Scallop Front Tights, $22
A great variation on your standard black tight without being super crazy patterned. These also come in beige.

So you see its not always about the bling or the shoes or the lipstick, sometimes that sweater/skirt/skort does that work for you. Embrace the scallop.

Be fabulous today!

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