Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bauble Bath

Define this word: bauble. We say it all of the time when referring to jewelry but what does it really mean? Well, here's what I found.
noun: a small, showy trinket or decoration
Let's run with this, let's look at some bauble necklaces that will add a small show to your outfit.

Modcloth, Working Shine to Five, $19
A bauble doesn't have to be neon. Instead this muted piece is a great mix of bling and beads.

Max & Chloe, Blu Bijoux Gold Yellow Black and Pink Flora, $34
This necklace reminds me of a beautiful bee or ladybug. I love the design.

Baublebar, Crystal Zodiac Necklace, $38
These candy coated looking baubles are perfect to spice up a suit. The antique gold chain is a great compliment.

Loft, Fireball Bauble Necklace, $44
This necklace is great because you can change the length based on your neckline. Loop it around the outside collar of an oxford or pull it tighter to lay right on your collarbone.

How do you define bauble? Please share because I always love new vocabulary. Whether its with bling, color, or metal, a statement piece necklace should always be in your closet.

Be fabulous today!

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