Thursday, November 7, 2013

In a Tight Spot

It's tights season!!! And since no one really likes nude pantyhose, why not have some fun with your gorgeous legs? I'm loving the Pretty Polly collaboration with Alice and Olivia. The tights are bit pricier than my normal buy but the patterns are so feminine and fun!

Alice and Olivia, Glitter Horizontal Stripe Tights, $48
These thick stripes are eye catching and unexpected.

Alice and Olivia, Lace tights, $48
Pretty lace, perfect for a big meeting.

Alice and Olivia, Polka Dot Tights, $48
You can't be even a little bit surprised that these will be going on my Christmas list.

Alice and Olivia, Argyle Tights, $48
Preppy much? I'm pairing these with a cord mini or an emerald green pencil skirt.

You see why I didn't blink at the price tag of these beauties. The bold patterns and solid construction are well worth the investment.

Be fabulous today!

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