Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Guess What Day It Is?

My good friend and loyal reader is looking for a great cold weather staple. The camel v neck sweater. Something you'll use for years to come. Right now I'm loving it layered over this shirt. Here are some great camel options. Also btw, camel...hump day....see what I did there?

This is my gold standard. Cashmere, Nordstrom, timeless.

Ann Taylor, V Neck Sweater, $69
This blend is a bit slimmer that I wouldn't layer too much because it's great on its own.

Come on, I had to throw in a fun option!

Zara, V Neck Sweater, $10
Why yes, you did read that correctly. This lovely cotton sweater is ten bucks.

A camel sweater is a classic staple for cooler weather. You can put it under a blazer, add it to a pencil skirt, or pile on the accessories.

Be fabulous today!

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