Thursday, March 21, 2013

Flowers, for Me?

Floral is so easy for spring, we looked at some just a little while ago. Today we're searching for floral pumps. I love this trend because it combines the sometimes severe stiletto with the soft pattern and colors of a floral.

Look at how the patten continues down the heel. This is perfect with jeans or a sundress.

The Limited, Patterned Mid-Heel Pumps, $69
I LOVE these colors. Tan legs or pale legs, it works with them all.

A little Grease sock hop but in a Cha Cha DiGrergorio kind of way. Hot.

This pattern should be stretched onto a canvas. Just lovely.

Floral pumps, a little sexy, a little girly, a lot easy for any style. Pick a hue, pastel, purples, reds, you name it, you will find something in your taste for this trend.

Be fabulous today!

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  1. I adore those Betsey Johnson pumps. You description of them is perfect. Cha Cha DiGrergorio, indeed.


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