Wednesday, February 22, 2012

State Pride

I love personalized jewelry. And the state trend is one I'm totally loving. So sweet and fun! Now I just need DC get in on that and I'll be all set!

These come in both silver and gold. I love the way the name is spelled out in the state.

I think the heart cutout makes this one a great moving gift. So simple.,

The orange enamel is a little more casual. And this one comes with a nice long chain.

Etsy, Arkansas State Necklace, $30
Simple, perfect, easy to pair with anything.

How sweet and personalized are these pendants? I think they're so easy to throw on with jeans or layer up with other necklaces.

Be fabulous today!


  1. I love these kinds of necklaces, I actually have one pinned on Etsy that I want to buy.

  2. These are so adorable, only problem is I don't know which I'd pick as I have loyalty to a few states now!

  3. I love it! Something with DC that was cute would be nice...


  4. I think the one with the heart cutout is so perfect and dainty! I agree though, I've lived in enough places that I'd want a few...



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