Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sheer Bliss

Sheer is huge this year, from the red carpet to everyday wear. I really like the trend when it's not super sexy, but more understated and feminine. Take a look at these options.

This dress is so adorable for the weekend. The print is just lovely.

Ooo I just love this piece! So sleek and so sophisticated.

T Tahari, Tova Sequined Dress, $89
Ok, I usually don't post items with limited sizes; but how could I resist this beauty?

Well hello Mad Men. This natural waist dress is just spectacularly feminine.

How are you wearing sheer this season? Special occasions only?

Be fabulous today!


  1. I'm a big fan of how this looks, just not as big a fan of the logistics of it...strapless bras and other such nonsense (c: I'm totally in love with that Tahari number up there, why hello Jackie O-ness!

  2. Love your blog & the black sequin Tahari dress is great! the neckline wouldn't work for my body type, but I've got a black dress in that same sequin texture and it's a favorite!


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