Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Punchy Bags

Hey there lovebugs, today I'm really loving bags that have some punch.  I'm talking color.  Something that makes an impact with its hue.

Modcloth, Birch Beer Bag, $59
Vintage inspired and perfect for running around on a Saturday!

Target, Bueno Travel Bag, $39
Loving this golden color for a travel bag and the shape reminds me of a bowling bag.

Forever 21, Colorblock Clutch, $17
Ooo, girl get your heels on! We're going out!

I really like the slouchy effect on this bag, and the double handle is nice too.

Sometimes its the hardware that makes the bag, or the shape or size.  For me sometimes you just need a great punch of color.

Be fabulous today!


  1. For ONCE I picked a bag that's cheap! WOW!! Maybe i'm not cursed afterall.

  2. Sometimes its the accouterments that makes the bag, or the appearance or size. For me sometimes you just charge a abundant bite of color.

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  3. Great picks! I want that F21 clutch!!


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