Monday, September 26, 2011

Gold Details

Happy Monday lovebugs.  I don't know about you but this weekend seemed a day too short.  I hope yours was enjoyable!

Today I want to zero in on one of my favorite details- gold.  When I wear gold I feel like a lady because my mom always wore gold and growing up this metal is what I equated with maturity, class and elegance.

Gold jewelry would be an easy post, but I'm getting more specific.  Gold hardware. Belt buckles, buttons, etc.

Rebecca Minkoff, Brooke Sandal, $99
These gold buckles add just the right amount of bling to these otherwise sassy heels.

Wow.  The gold detail right by the shoulder, just wow.

Aldo, Teem, $55
Ok Aldo, this is Cole Haan meets Birkin meets Kors, well done.

Michael Kors, Light Brown Leather Studded Cuff, $53
Motorcycle hard and sophisticated chic.

I really love gold details because it grounds an outfit.  Gold details give any outfit the class that you always envy your mother for.

Be fabulous today!


  1. The MK gloves are amazing. You're right. The little gold accent goes a long way!

  2. How is that purse only $55??? that's amazing!

  3. I've had a pair of leather gloves on my wishlist for awhile...I love that those have a little bling!

    - Lauren


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