Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bling and Decadence

Sometimes a girl just wants to feel luxurious.  And whether she does that with a big earring or a satin pump, there are ways to dress up and feel decadent without breaking the bank.  Here are some of my picks.

This shoe reminds me of a Kate Spade heel but a little less painful on the wallet.

Ok stay with me, picture this on the lapel of your navy schoolboy blazer, a white silk tie blouse and skinny jeans. Instant class and vintage.

Modcloth, Swing me around skirt, $60
Now that is a skirt.  Va Voom.

White House Black Market, Plum Structured Bag, $88
This is fabulous, I love the handle, remind me of a man's briefcase.

So what do you wear when you want to feel decadent? Velvet, sequins, black?

Be fabulous today!


  1. I go with real jewelry on those days! ;) Great finds, loving that bag! xo


  2. I'm pretty sure I have to have that skirt!!

  3. I saw the shoe and immediately thought "Oh, that's from Kate Spade" - it looks so fabulous for half the price!


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