Monday, August 1, 2011

Guest Post: Beach Coverups

Erika here, while Kelsey is off to New England, likely to return with a few blog posts on Vineyard Vines, yacht attire and delectable seafood recipes. Assuming you're not also on a beach/boat/porch but instead reading this in your office/cube/class, let's play make believe and talk beach coverups!

Usually I'm not a huge fan of strapless because I worry about it falling down but this kind of beach coverup has never failed me - and feel like I can walk straight into a (beach) restaurant as if I'm wearing a dress. I own one similar and wear it all the time - even away from the beach, around my apartment in this DC humidity.

Victoria's Secret, Tank Dress Cover-up, sale $28
I love the idea of this. It's so light and effortless. Great mix of feminine and, dare I say, athletic? 

But as someone with the palest skin known to man (like Edward from Twilight, I'm basically monochrome), the next few are what I'd choose if I'm not wearing any spf.

This is just so fun, flashy and bright that it's hard to say no to. What I like about the kaftan is that you can cover your shoulders but still show a little of your swimsuit. 

Zappos, Lole Dreamy Shirt, $60
So this is a little pricey for a beach coverup but it's so cute that it could double as a shirt. Cute for the beach but also imagine pulling on some wide leg work slacks and tucking this baby in. Yes please!

Asos, Cotton Beach Shirt, $34.48
Sometimes less (skin) is more. I mean, how sexy is this?! Complete coverage from the sun, it's not too flashy and I would be totally comfortable in this.

What do you think? A bunch of different styles here. Although they all are meant for the beach or pool, I'm not one to discriminate. I can see myself slipping on shorts with these or wearing them as a dress during these hot DC summers. Okay, make believe is over - back to work.

Extra: Who in their right mind considers this a coverup?!?! No thank you. 

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  1. I have the classic RL terry cloth coverup but I would love to find a cute tunic coverup somewhere.... Have a great week :)

    XO Emily @


Hey lovebug! Thank you so much for you comment. I just loved spending time with you and I hope you come back again soon! TCB.