Monday, July 25, 2011

Nail Polish Inspired Post!

Hi there lovebugs. Happy Monday to you.  I hope you had a great weekend, and I hope you stayed cool!

Today I thought we would do a nail polish inspired post because they're so much fun.  Today's color is from the OPI Pirates of the Carribbean line: Mermaid Tears.

Anthropologie, Druzy wrap bracelet, $30
I love the ease of this piece.  It's got an airy feel to it.

Ann Taylor, Crossover Front Top, $44
I adore the detailing on this top. And it will be perfect for fall with a cardigan.

Modcloth, Juice Bar Sunglasses, $12
How much fun are these? I love this with pink lips!

Urban Outfitters, Kimichi Laser cut skimmers, $34
I'm picturing these with white skinny jeans and a hot pink pedicure.

What do you think of the color? I really like it for summer, it's such a departure from the neons or pinks.  It reminds me of vacation!

Be fabulous today!


  1. I loved the Pirates collection, my favorite is Planks A Lot!

    Emily @

  2. I love that color! I'll have to check out the rest of that collection for more winners:) XO

  3. What a cute name for that color! OPI is always so good at that. And those Kimichi shoes from Urban are gorgeous...!

  4. Great post! That is my favorite color from the Pirates collection!


  5. Beautiful color! I love those glasses, but I did get a pair of Modcloth glasses in that color, just different! Great minds think alike! And now I want those shoes.......


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