Monday, July 18, 2011

Geometric Hoops

Let's talk hoops.  Not basketball, earrings.  But not just your normal circles, I'm talking geometric hoops, something more alluring to the eye.

Dainty, delicate, and just a touch rocker right?

Rachel Roy, Hematite tone squares, $26
I really love these with an LBD or a deep v neck.

Very simple like a hoop but this shape elongates the face.

Urban Outfitters, Tribal Point Hoop Earrings, $20
These are perfect for a breezy maxi dress, just enough bling.

I'm loving the simplicity of these earrings but these offer a little more edge.  Perfect for summer sweet dresses.

Be fabulous today!


  1. How fun! Great idea to do a post on a twist on such a common jewelry piece! LOVE!

  2. Hear are too fun! Awsome fines:-) love the concept of your blog.


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