Monday, April 4, 2011

Bright Blazers

Hey lovebugs!
Happy Monday.  If the Mondays have you down, do I have something to make you smile.  It's a traditional piece now with a colorful spin. I'm talking about bright blazers!

Urban Outfitters, Pins and Needles Scalloped Blazer, $79
I love this pastel pink! It would look great with a white dress or a black pencil skirt.  

Eddie Bauer, lightweight chino blazer, $69
The color is a little military, the details are so feminine.  The low stance with the buttons makes it more casual and on the back is a thin bow tie.

The Outnet, Armand basi baber, $77
There's only a few left in size 4 but it is just gorgeous isn't it? I love the bracelet sleeves.

Newport News, Satin wing collar jacket, $49
Hello drama! What a fabulous, luscious color to go with!

Try to spruce up your blazers with some color.  If you want to keep what you have now, add a neon skinny belt around the outside to give it some extra pop!

Be fabulous today! 


  1. Bright blazers are a great way to enhance an outfit. I love blazers in colors outside of the usual neutrals. The green one is my favorite!

  2. Ohhhh how I LOVE blazers!!! I wear them ALL the time! Spring, fall, winter! Love love love!!! Excellent choices!!! Although I dont know how cute a blazer would look right now with my ever expanding bump!!!

  3. I love them all! I really want a bright colored satin boyfriend would be way more fabulous than my corduroy one!!


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