Monday, April 18, 2011

Angle to the Right

Oh Mondays.  So lame.  I hope you had a good weekend though!

Today I thought we'd jump right into some jewelry.  I was grabbed by a new style I saw in one of my magazines over the weekend.  Angular jewelry.  Gives the accessory some edge!

J Crew, Hazel bracelet, $40
The brass in combination with the bling is so opposing, but it works!

I'm loving the symmetry but also the sharp lines of these earrings.  For me it's like art meets an Excel doc.

Urban Outfitters, UO Geometric necklace, $29
Sharp edges really give definition to this piece.  Subtle, yet statement.

Kenneth Cole, Pyramid Bangle, $32
Kind of industrial no? I like these with a suit!

What do you think? Do you prefer the rounded edge and more feminine jewelry?  I think these are great to mix in when you're in ruffles and silk.  Have fun with it!

Be fabulous today!


  1. I'm a lover of all jewelry so I would for sure add some of these pieces to my collection!

  2. I have a major obsession with jewelry! I love everything that you picked!

  3. I love geometric jewelry. I always seem to put on at least one edgier piece of jewelry in my mix.

  4. You have amazing taste in jewelry!

    Monique xx

  5. I love that first bracelet! I love mixed metals.


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