Monday, March 7, 2011

Reader Request: Wallets

Happy Monday all!

How was your weekend? Any good sales?
Today's post comes from a loyal reader who wants an affordable and chic wallet.  There are tons of options when it comes to wallets, so many styles and types that it can be overwhelming.  But remember that your wallet is a pretty standard accessory, you probably won't be switching it out all that often so whatever you buy make sure it works for you.

If you're a college student with not much to carry, I suggest a magic wallet because they fit in a jeans pocket and they're easy to carry.  Now if you have so many gift cards and receipts that you think you could explode, I would suggest a checkbook style wallet- which is what I'll focus on today.

Kate Spade, Remy, $87
This is my everyday wallet (I have it in green) and I love it because its slim, has tons of pockets and, well it's Kate.

Fossil, Weekender, $48
I love Fossil for their leather products, super durable.  And this wallet has a fantastic springy lining!

Giftsandbeadshop, cotton wallet, $20
If you just want something fun and quirky for weekends, be sure to check out Etsy for great handmade wallets like this one!

Ted Baker, Rena Bobble, $85
I LOVE this wallet! It's so chic and compact! 

In my opinion, wallets are something you should spend a little extra on.  Not necessarily for the label but for the quality.  Cheap wallets will fall apart; the zipper will get stuck, the glue will peel off, etc.  This is an accessory that for me is like a watch- I hardly ever change it.  So get something you love!

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Be fabulous today!


  1. So true! I bought a Lodis wallet about over 4 years ago and it was one of the best purchases I ever made. It's held up really well - making it well worth the extra splurge!

  2. Really love the first 2! oh man, now I want a new wallet! Thanks a lot! lol

  3. Love this post and absolutely love your blog, esp since I'm a recent DC transit (living in Arlington!) :)


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