Thursday, March 3, 2011

Birthday Dress

You guys, my birthday is this weekend.  I'm excited!  It will be absolutely impossible to top last year but I plan on having a good time nonetheless.

Oh, you want to know about last year? Do ya? Too bad, I'm telling you anyway.  Last year my parents came down to DC (per usual) and took me and the BF out to dinner (where we sat at the table next to Larry King and my mother proceeded to call my gramma and flip out with excitement).  After dinner, we went to my parent's hotel to do gifts; I walk and my closest friends scream SURPRISE! Now please envision me slowly sinking to the floor in a silk dress with tears running down my face, and ripping my tights down the back.  Excellent.  It was the best birthday ever.  Family and friends all together just for me.

OK, moving on from that love fest.  This year I'm throwing a party with some friends and having a dance party.  It will be fabulous.  But now, this begs the question- what to wear?  Well I'll tell you!

Modcloth, Piano Bar Dress, $19.99 (sorry sold out!)
I will be sporting this amazing find and boogieing all night long.  

Some runner ups:

Shabby Apple, Black and White polka dot, $94
I love the cap sleeves and flare waist detail

This color allows for some serious bling to be added.  I love the pleating and gathering.

Lulu's, elegant aqua dress, $34
AH! How fun is this? 

This color is gorgeous and I'm also loving the shoe combination.

Birthdays are the one time of year when you're supposed to look better than everyone else.  Wear bright orange, sequins, a tiara, or all three- it doesn't matter it's your birthday! But remember whatever you wear will inevitably end up on Facebook, so please make it good.

Be fabulous today!


  1. LOVE that Modcloth dress. I'm so upset it's sold out.

    And the new layout design is too cute! Happy (Early) Birthday and have a wonderful time celebrating this weekend!

  2. Yaaay! Love your fabulous piano bar dress!! The runners up are all well deserved as well :) Hope you have the best birthday weekend ever!! [And super love your new design chickie!]

  3. LOVE the new layout! Happy Birthday (this weekend)! Hope it is as amazing as last year!! ;)

  4. Kels the new layout is fabulous! And that dress is killer! <3 Grandbaby

  5. Have a GREAT birthday! That dress is an awesome choice.
    Loving your new blog design too. The clean design really show off the photography you include in your posts.

  6. Sparkles are most necessary for a bday! Hope it rocks!

  7. Sparkles are most necessary for a bday! Hope it rocks!


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