Thursday, March 24, 2011

Etsy Thursday!

Everyone once and a while I like to do an Etsy post.  Feature some amazing artists and their talents!  So please enjoy!

I Screen You Screen, Love quote, $19
How about this in your bathroom or entryway? Super smile!

Black Satin Shoes, gold sequin bow shoe clips, $30
I just discovered shoe clips.  It's the cheapest way to double your shoe closet!  Clip these amazing pieces on to a pair of heels and you have a new shoe!

This simple bracelet is the perfect mix of materials, so very spring.

River of Romask, Minty Green Rose Rosette, $39
I love this color and the chiffon is so dreamy!

If you're like me you could spend hours on Etsy.  People are so crafty!  Enjoy finding the best and most unique things.

Be fabulous today!