Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What to Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner- and other things

Hi lovebugs!

Happy almost Thanksgiving! I wish you very safe travels and hope you overeat.  Speaking of eating, I would like to talk about two things today: what to wear to dinner that will allow you to overeat AND the inevitable mom talk of "you should cut back on the food [insert name here]".  Let's start with the mom talk.

I'm sure you know it well.  And don't get me wrong moms I know you mean well.  But if you're anything like me, you KNOW you should cut back on the mashed potatoes, and hearing it out loud just makes you want to eat more to comfort yourself.  Just know you're beautiful and whether you're a size 4 or a size 24. Treat your body like a temple----with the occasional eating of the Dorito bag in one sitting occurrence.  Happens to the best of us.  Whether you plan a New Years resolution for weight loss or are happy with your size, more power to you! Dress your body fabulously (by reading TCB, obvi) and love your curves, bumps, and pant size.  Love you mom!

Ok, now onto the fashion.  Thanksgiving dinner is a semi-dressy occasion but skinny ANYTHING is out of the question if you plan to enjoy yourself at all.  So here's what I recommended to look gorgeous while camouflaging the second serving of pie!

 Lulus, Elegant Teal Dress, $41
The drape effect with the belt makes for optimal stuffing intake.  Please pair with tights as this dress is on the shorter side!

I love this cream color and paired with some corduroys this makes the perfect outfit.

Loft, Charmeuse Top Sweater Dress, $48 with code ENJOY
The blousing on the top of this dress is beautiful.  Paired with pearls of a big earring you're ready.

SO sweet.  And the pleating plus the bow, bring on the potatoes.

It has the word "chunky" in it! 

And if all else fails:


  1. I love that cozy cable sweater! And I LOVE your post on MML! Soooo good :)

    Also you were dead on about the Macbeth Collection. Amazing & I want all of it!

    Happy Thanksgiving girl!

  2. Love these ideas . . . a perfect blend of fashion and function!

  3. Love these ideas . . . a perfect blend of fashion and function!


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