Monday, November 15, 2010

The Interview

There are few things that are more terrifying in this world.  There are few things you stress over and analyze more.  The interview is pretty much your life, your abilities, and why you are deserving of anything in 30 minutes of less. Yeah, no pressure.

What's your biggest weakness? When was the last time you were a leader? What kind of team player are you?  Stressed? Me too. Luckily, I have a job. But it's my sister that's going for one.  Side note to any employers of non-profits out there: she rocks.  Hire her.  That aside, I wanted to give her some outfit ideas for an interview.

Lots of companies require a suit for an interview, I however, believe that really limits your creativity. If it is a large corporation by all means suit it up, but if not, have some fun with it!

Look 1
I love this cardi.  The color is vibrant and the cut is flattering for a embellished tee of button down/

Banana Republic, Tuxedo Tunic, $69.50
Pretty unexpected to pair with a cardi huh? That's the idea! Make them remember you.

Target, TRS Pencil Skirt, $19.99
Who says you need to spend a lot to pull together an outfit?

Look 2

Modcloth, Mod About You, $65
I know, it looks bland but those zippers? Plus add some color...

Old Navy, Mohair blend cardigan, $18
"I liked that girl in the bright pink sweater...what was her name again?" Yep.  It happens.

Want to go more conservative with black pants or maybe a navy suit? That's ok! Wear a statement shoe.

Calvin Klein, Wynette Citron Patent, $76
Trust me.  With a calm outfit this will make it pop!


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