Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I've got the blues

So often people avoid blue because they only think of blue as navy.  Navy, while a great neutral and a staple for any wardrobe can be lack luster.  But why stop at navy? Blue is a jewel tone and it has the ability to make your skin tone shine or make your eyes pop.

Embrace blue this holiday season.  It's rich, and it's luxurious.  Stay with the deeper hues, a pale or pastel blue may look out of place this winter- unless of course its cashmere.

Hello chic! This vest is four season.  Layer it up now and pair it with a favorite tank in the summer.

Forever 21, sequin mini skirt, $29
Not for work.  Ever.  But absolutely Saturday night.

Dillards, Giana Bini Blouse, $40
So feminine.  Ruffled and delicate.

Yes its deep navy but- a phrase to live by: There is never an event to small to wear a big bow.

Not too coy, blue chico, $84
There are no words for the extreme sassiness of this shoe.


  1. I'm loving the blue tones right now. And I agree...those shoes are major sass! xo

  2. oh goodness I love that sparkly mini. The bow dress is fab too.

  3. that blue sequin mini skirt is hot! do you shop at lulus.com?


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