Thursday, November 4, 2010

Crap, I forgot my umbrella

Don't you hate that?  Then you end up with a massive pile of 7 umbrellas, mostly ugly little black ones, just laying around at home.  But that's just it, they're ugly.  Why would you want to carry that? Thus the reason that you probably forgot it in your closet/bedroom/garage/or desk in the first place.  You need an umbrella that makes you want to remember it, pick it up and show it off.

Bring it on rain, you look adorable.

(Friday Foodday tomorrow!)

Totes, Clear bubble with dots, $17.60
I love bubble umbrellas because they keep your hair in tact no matter what.  This one is so colorful!

Upscale Pup, Preppy Pooch Umbrella, $29
How can you NOT love this??

The Pink Giraffe, Monogrammed Umbrella, $15
I'm a sucker for monogramming, this one comes in tons of color options!

Leighton, Pumpkin Brella, $29
I just love the shape and color of this one.  Very unique.

Transit Store, NYC subway map, $30
I feel like Kate Spade would carry this umbrella with some Hunter boots

Auto open, waves umbrella, $15
Super girly, and I love the leather hook handle.


  1. Love the dots one. I really need a new umbrella; mine has been wind-blown to death.

  2. Love all of these umbrella's esp the monogram one. Thanks Kels!

  3. I love the umbrella with the dots.......



  4. I MUST get the Totes bubble one!

  5. I love the umbrella with the dots.......




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