Monday, October 25, 2010

Parisian Prep

This weekend I was reading my Elle when I came across a great new trend that I love. Parisian prep. Of course I loved all of Elle's suggestions but spending $450 on a cardigan is just a touch out of my budget. So I wanted to give you all some ideas on what I had in mind on a more TCB related price point!

Modcloth, Gift of Gab, $57.99
I really like this cardigan because of the v-neck. And the bow is outlined in sequins!

As the title suggests: seasonless. It should also say timeless.

Forever 21, Denim Naval Blazer, $32

Naturalizer, Cognac leather heel, $49.99
Wait what? Naturalizer, like the old lady shoe? Yes. Look at the detailing and the bow and the kitten heel. Yes!

Halogen, Silk ruffle blouse, $39.90
Simple and elegant, also a great waist hem so it doesn't cling.

Also TCBers:
As we have gotten closer over the last few months I thought you should know about something going on in my life this week. Bunionectomy. Yes. Get excited. Because this week, in addition to lovely fashion finds, I will also be doing a new segment called.......(drumroll)......
Bunion Watch 2010
Now, before you read any further, I would like to caution you with one thing: please please please if you want to know more about what a bunion is, do not, for any reason whatsoever, google image bunion. OMG it is so gross to look at people's nasty feet. Please, stick to WebMD and the like.

So, Wednesday, I will be having surgery on my foot to remove a bunion. Why? Well one because it hurts like crazy and two because I haven't been able to fit my foot in a heel for months. So sad. For today's bunion watch post I wanted to show you why this surgery is important.

This is a pretty shoe:
This is a shoe I would love to wear with a black pencil skirt patterned tights and a white cardigan. But I can't because my foot just hates me.

This is what I have been wearing for the last 6 months:
It's fine. But that's just it. It's just fine. Nothing wow about it, just gets the job done.
So, surgery is Wednesday. Get ready.


  1. YESSSS! Forever 21 finally made your suggestion list :)

  2. YESSSS! Forever 21 finally made your suggestion list :)


Hey lovebug! Thank you so much for you comment. I just loved spending time with you and I hope you come back again soon! TCB.