Thursday, October 7, 2010

3 Day Weekend!

Hi There!
Its almost Friday, and you know what that means? You guessed right! Friday Foodday. Yes. Awesome. Great news. Send in your recipes via email, tweet or comment. Don't be shy, as long as it doesn't include tofu or pesto send it in because I bet it's delish!

Now, onto today. It's a three day weekend soon and that means comfy clothes, maybe a great Saturday night or hey Sunday night (off Monday, I won't tell anyone, get it girl) outfit. So let's review.

Canvas, Argyle Cardigan, $47.99
I love this cardi, it's preppy, it's nautical, and it would look great with jeans, a cord skirt, boots, or belted

J Crew, Glass ornament earrings, $29.99
Hellooo glam.

Modcloth, Musical stairs dress, $44.99
Perfect for running around or enjoying the beautiful day. Comfy and perfect for bright shoes.

I LOVE white button downs on the weekend. Casual chic and it goes with everything and if it feels to boring wrap it with this:

J Crew, Studded bar car belt, $19.99
With this, a crisp white shirt and omg pearls? love.

Old Navy, Waffle Knit Lounge Pant, $12.50
OK, normally I do NOT endorse loungewear- but it's a 3 day weekend, sleep in and catch up on your DVR in these.

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