Monday, October 18, 2010

The Meeting Shoe

Hey lovebugs! Sorry for the late post today, I was at a PR conference all day and the hotel had ZERO service. Major bummer. Anyway, if you have a second- check out my guest blog over at Spend Less Save More!

Today we're going to talk about appropriate shoes to wear to a business conference. Usually these meetings involve a fair amount of walking, unpredicted amounts of time standing, and obviously the chance to impress and network. Well let me tell you some of the choices I saw today...I had to wonder 'you really looked in the mirror this morning and thought- damn I look good?' Wow. Ok then, lets see some better options:

Steve Madden, Kinnetic Flat, $59.95

I love this take on a black flat because it's got a sturdy heel and obvi the shimmer effect. Perfect surprise with a black suit!

Nine West, Oaks, $79

Kitten heel is a great option if you want to wear a heel. It's practical and appropriate.

Urban Outfitters, Kimichi, $48

I love these sweet little navy heels. They are supportive and perfect for fall.

*** Point of clarification!!!! Just because it's a black pump does NOT mean it is work appropriate. I do not want to see any TCBer (The Capital Barbie, yeah I'm an acronym now deal with it) wearing anything remotely looking like this:

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