Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ode to the Flat

Hey there lovebugs.
Today was a day for me. It was a crappy day. A work but no feeling good about the work you're doing day. I'm sure you've been there. And don't feel alone because no amount of online shopping, 'omg I love your outfit', or cosmos is going to make it better. You just have to sit with it and learn from it. Now that's easier said than done so I'll just say it because, well, that's easier.

Today is a different sort of post, if you haven't gotten that already. No pictures today. I know, I know, lame but today is a very important day. Today is the day that we salute the flat. Wait, what? You didn't know that was a very important day? Shame on you! Women's flats should be celebrated worldwide! They should have a holiday in which everyone gets off from work and runs around in adorable flats!

Let's get down to business.

Ode to the flat.
Oh flat you sound so lame and boring, but really you are the savior of my feet. You provide comfort while making a statement. You offer less blisters while being colorful and professional. You make the work day or what will for sure be a long Saturday night so much better.

My friend asked me today to tell her why flats are sexy. And I'll tell you why- rounded toe is sweet and has an unexpected girliness that makes everyone wonder; while a pointy toe is sleek and lengthening while providing just the right amount of 'i should watch her walk away'-ness. Square toe? Well, we won't even go there, that's just embarrassing.

Yes flats don't offer the calf exercise, the perfect posture, and the want to check your own butt out in the office bathroom mirror- BUT you can run down the hallway to meet a deadline, you can go all night on the dancefloor, and you can still walk down the sidewalk with swag if you really think about it. Think, right foot swing left hip, left foot swing right hip, and work, and work and work.

Bless the flat. Metallic, suede, sandal, rocker, ballet, you name it- own it.

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  1. I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair of leopard flats right now. Flats are not to be overlooked!


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