Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Jorts Season

I took a big step this year. Well, I took a couple (marriage, you know) but I'm referring to something a bit more daunting, I bought denim shorts. Yes. That's right. I now own jorts. I never felt confident/cool/brave enough to buy them let alone wear them. So, I went to my trustworthy Loft and found a modest pair of jorts. Let me tell you, they have transformed my weekend wardrobe.

H&M, Denim shorts, $29
Not too short, not too tight. And under $30.

A lighter wash for a more knock around look.

These are the pair I bought. Great fit and getting softer with each wash.

Not into the frayed edges? Try a cuff!

My point is, you can rock a pair of denim shorts. They go with everything summer and everything weekend. They come in a zillion fits and washes. I prefer something a little more bf cut and a darker wash. 

Be fabulous today!

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