Monday, June 19, 2017

Cold Caller

Today's post is inspired by my weekend, well my dog's weekend. Norman had a tough one. He's fine but he's in the cone of shame for two weeks. To honor Norm, we are looking at playful collars on tops and dresses that are perfect for summer.

Nordstrom Rack, Ruffle Twofer Dress, $69
I'm loving, loving this dress. Bow waist, pleats, stripes, and a ruffle collar.

Gathered collar in a sweet blush. Also comes in a great monochrome print.

Nordstrom Rack, CAD Sleeveless Ruffle Tank, $9
Under ten bucks? Yes. Also its a sweatshirt so crazy comfy.

Ann Taylor, Pleated Collar Blouse, $69
Slightly less exaggerated than the other options but still a standup collar with some pop.

While Norman won't be wearing any of these beauties, I think a bold collar is always a great option to dress up an outfit. 

Be fabulous today!

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