Thursday, September 29, 2016

Falling for Plaid

It may be a bit early to talk plaid but when you mix it with a lighter fabric, you're good. That's why we're looking at silk plaid. It's got the masculine print mixed with the ladylike medium of silk.

65% off. I repeat, Equipment blouse 65% off. 

I love these pants. A high fashion designer making a casual yet professional pant. These are going to look great with heels.

Side note to this great top. How amazing is this model's hair? 

This scarf is going to look fantastic with your cable knit sweaters or waffle knit thermal tees. 

Yes plaid is traditionally a winter print, but this isn't wool plaid or fleece plaid, this is silk plaid and it's made for fall. Still not convinced? Lighten it up with some baubles or a jean jacket.

Be fabulous today!

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