Thursday, September 8, 2016

Blooming Blazers

Maybe the summer season is over, but I'm still holding onto some prints and styles that say warm weather. I'm talking florals. While I'm not wearing a dandelion sundress to work, I can still have some fun with floral in other ways. I really love playing with a standard blazer because its an expected 'business-like' piece but a floral blazer? Now we're talking.

Forever 21, Floral Collarless Blazer, $22
Ok, so I'm not sure what's happening underneath this blazer (not much) but I love the colors of this blazer!

I love red, black, and white for a classic power outfit. 

Hello lovely! I love this blazer to ankle pants, denim, or a pencil skirt.

A great cropped look that would pair well with a button down, a tee, or a silk tank.

While a navy blazer is a classic and versatile piece, I think you may be surprised how interchangeable a floral blazer really is!

Be fabulous today!

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