Thursday, June 16, 2016

Split Decision

I love a simple top that requires no ironing and no thought when I just need to get out the door. Split neck tops are those tops for me. The have a great neckline, they are blousy, but also ladylike. They come in a slew of colors, patterns, and most importantly, price points.

See? Simple. Add on if you want, or walk out the door and look great.

Let's talk about these colors together. The floral, the stripes, just perfect!

So easy to pair with shorts for the weekend or wear it with a suit.

While I don't think these shorts are for me, this top definitely is.

Don't overdo it on the days when you just need to get out the door. Throw on a go to top that completes an outfit and just do it! You look great.

Be fabulous today!

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